Basics of Money Management and Investment

During this two-part webinar, basics of money management will be covered.

The below topics will be covered. There will not be any investment recommendations, as this webinar is purely educational and the speaker is NOT an investment adviser or broker.

• What is the Rule of 72

• How much should I save each month?

• Pro’s and Con’s of investing in Real estate

• What are IRA’s, and 401K’s?

• What are mutual funds and ETFs

• What are the differences between Capital Gain, Yield, and Interest

• What is the difference between Long-term Capital Gain, vs. Short-term Capital Gain

• What are CDs, Stocks, Bonds, and Bitcoin.

• What is leveraging?

• What are Options?

• Q&A

Webinar to be held July 8 and August 5, 2021