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Soheila Golestani

Master Persian Vocalist

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Soheila Golestani

Soheila Golestani was born in Esfahan in a family of academics, while surrounded by music and poetry throughout her childhood.

She completed her doctorate in Medical Technology and founded her own laboratory in Esfahan. All the while she never stopped pursuing her true musical passion. She continued learning everything there is to know about Persian classical music.

Studying under Master Hengameh Akhavan, she became a master vocalist in classical Persian music herself.

She has recorded over 120 minutes of vocals and 70 songs. She now lives in Toronto, Canada.

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Conversation with Soheila Golestani, Master Persian Vocalist

Thursday, May 14 | 7:00 - 8:30 pm | ONLINE

گفتگویی با خانم دکتر سهیلا گلستانی استاد صدا و آواز در موسیقی ایرانی

پنجشنبه ۱۴ می ۷ -۸.۳۰ شب