Launch of Iranian Youth Connections

Join us on AUGUST 8TH at 7PM via Zoom for an interview with the founder of NEW youth organization Misha Ghafouri, created in partnership with IASAz. Iranian Youth Connections is dedicated to creating a welcoming space for Iranian high schoolers to connect and bond with one another, learn more about Iranian culture, and gain the skills to become successful leaders in their community. Through monthly virtual meetings, they will bring in successful Iranian role models (medical professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, etc) in hopes of creating networking opportunities, promote Iranian diaspora, and empowering young Iranians. During this Zoom event, she will talk more about Iranian Youth Connections, her future plans with it, and answer any questions! We encourage interested high-schoolers and parents to attend!

You can learn more here:

For more updates follow: @iranianyouthconnections (on Instagram/Facebook)

To attend the webinar click on this link at the time of the event.