Our Vision

Iranian American Society of Arizona (IASAz) is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization. We join together to enrich the lives of Arizona residents by promoting an awareness of the Iranian culture, heritage, language, history and contributions through education, music, dance, theater, art, food and sense of community.

Our Vision

The Center we envision is a central place to gather and create community, to connect generations, and to cultivate, promote, and share our cultural heritage together. It is a place that is not affiliated with any political or religious group. It is a place where we can provide support, mentorship, information and guidance to our youth, and where we can make contributions to the high standards of the Iranian community by offering important, reliable and indispensable information on social, legal and health related concerns. It is a place where we can organize and support literary, artistic and social presentations to the general public, and where we can build a comprehensive audio, visual, and literary library.

Volunteers should find it rewarding to give their time and energy to participate and contribute to different functions and activities held at the Center, our elderly should find it a comfortable and cordial environment for them to feel warmly welcomed, and our youth should be able to satisfy their curiosity about their heritage and Persian language. We also wish it be a center of social gatherings for friends if they plan to meet and have a talk over a cup of tea or coffee. It should also serve as a place to entertain our non-Iranian friends with Persian food and to introduce them to the Persian Culture.

And finally it is a place wherein we all feel proud to be Iranians.

Invitation to Join

Considering this objective and in order to realize this vision, we are inviting all to take this important step with us to establish a cultural and social focal Center for Iranians in Arizona. Please connect with us to get involved.