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Since opening our doors in 2017, the Arizona Persian Cultural Center has hosted countless cultural and community events. We have joined together to enrich the lives of Arizona residents by promoting an awareness of Iranian culture, heritage, language, history and contributions through education, music, dance, theater, art, food and sense of community.

In these challenging times for Iranian-Americans, where many Iranians are not able to freely celebrate Nowruz without fear of unjust persecution, the recognition of our culture carries great weight. 

On this first day of Nowruz and on behalf of the Arizona Persian Cultural Center and the thousands of Iranian-Americans residing in Arizona, we are honored to announce that Governor Hobbs has proclaimed March 20, 2023 as NOWRUZ DAY in the State of Arizona!

Nowruz is usually a time of positivity and inclusion, where neighbors open their homes and hearts and invite all to join in the celebration of life. We celebrate the Spring season, the return of light over dark, hope over despair, and renewal, with traditions such as egg painting, gift exchanges, poetry readings and symbolic Haft-seen settings.

This year, with the protests in Iran led by brave young girls and women fighting for their inalienable human rights, including the right to self determination and the right to live in a nation with a democratic system of government, Nowruz is even more precious. We are reminded of all the people across the world that are unable to freely and openly celebrate this holiday.

In honor of those dedicating their lives to build a better world, we dedicate this proclamation declaring March 20th as Nowruz Day in the State of Arizona to the brave, to the fallen, and to those standing up against tyranny.

We are deeply grateful to Governor Hobbs for recognizing and honoring Nowruz. We thank the Governor’s staff, members of the Arizona Legislature and members of the City of Phoenix government for their support. 

In gratitude,

The Arizona Persian Cultural Center

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