AZPCC Javanan

Javanan is an AZPCC group which is comprised of  the next generation community leaders and mostly of those in ages of 18 to 40. This group organizes mixers, professional and volunteer events.  To learn more send an email to, or follow their instagram page by clicking here. 

Javanan of Arizona was established in January of 2021 by volunteer community leaders within the Iranian American Society of Arizona. The organization consists of leaders and members from ages 18 years or older and 40 years or younger located in Arizona. 

As a nonprofit organization, we aim to dedicate and enhance an inclusive and diverse community where young adults can socialize. To build and encourage the next generation of Iranian American community leaders by nurturing and cultivating a space for interdisciplinary professional development.

Inclusion    Equitable   Diverse   Curious   Team Spirit

Community Service - the act of serving others through volunteering

Cultural Awareness - encourage knowledge about other cultures while promoting our own individual cultures 

Socialization - creating a welcoming environment where we gather and build relationships. 

Personal Development - building networks where aspiring leaders can enhance and improve professional connections and generate personal development

Forging friendships -  enhancing professional networks;  generating community leaders through service

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