Shahrzad Khademadam (Salehi)

Shahrzad Khademadam (Salehi) is a Doctor of Pharmacy. She completed her education in New York and Arizona and has been practicing as a pharmacist in different healthcare settings for many years. She has also been assistant faculty professor for Midwestern University and University of Arizona. She has 2 grown up sons.

She is the founder of Dariush Farsi School which was established in 2006 in Scottsdale Arizona.

She has been a supporter of Persian culture and language in Iranian community in different States in USA.  In 2006 that Iranian American Society of Arizona was established and she was a supporter and started to volunteer as well. In 2017 "Khaneh Iran" was established and she volunteered more hours. In December 2017, she became Director of Education and Event Coordination. She scheduled over 600 events in a year at the community center and participated and volunteered and many as well as arranging speeches and much more. February 14th, 2019 she joined the Board of Directors of IASAz and took the position of Chair of Education and program Coordinator. She enjoys being part of IASAz and continues volunteering.