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Upcoming Events

Book Club

This is a fun and light book club .

The Book club meets 3rd Wednesday's of each month at 6:00pm, both Persian and English titles are covered as per host's recommendation. Every month a different member has a turn becoming the host.

For more information or any questions, please email Ms. Fariba Ansari at

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PIN: 219 983 653#

To attend the online Book Club click on this link at the time of the event.

Family Funday - Potluck

Family Fundays will be held every 4th Sunday of the month, there will be food, drinks, fun, games, music, backgammon, and bingo.

To purchase your ticket go to our Facebook page by clicking on THIS LINK, or call the Center

Basics of Money Management and Investment

During this two-part webinar, basics of money management will be covered.

The below topics will be covered. There will not be any investment recommendations, as this webinar is purely educational and the speaker is NOT an investment adviser or broker.

• What is the Rule of 72

• How much should I save each month?

• Pro’s and Con’s of investing in Real estate

• What are IRA’s, and 401K’s?

• What are mutual funds and ETFs

• What are the differences between Capital Gain, Yield, and Interest

• What is the difference between Long-term Capital Gain, vs. Short-term Capital Gain

• What are CDs, Stocks, Bonds, and Bitcoin.

• What is leveraging?

• What are Options?

• Q&A

Webinar to be held July 8 and August 5, 2021



نشست کانون فرهنگی ایرانیان

نخستین جمعه هر ماه

اجرا کننده: فرید اخبار

این برنامه ماهانه به بررسی، معرفی و گفتگو در باره همه موضوع‌های مربوط به ایران و ایرانیان از جمله موضوع‌های فرهنگی، هنری، اجتماعی، تاریخی، و ورزشی (غیر بحث‌های سیاسی و دینی) می پردازد

شرکت برای همه آزاد است

First Friday of Each Month at 7pm

Click on this link to join:

Choose the option: JOIN

Art of Persian Calligraphy by Dr. Amir Sasan Mostafavi

Every Saturday

More information

Dariush Persian Language School

Dariush school offer language classes levels from: pre-school (ages 5-7), pre-adolescent (8-12) to adolescent education (age 13-18) as well as classes for adult students (both Iranian and non-Iranian).

More information

Our Sponsors

Mr Parsai will donate 30% of his proceeds for any income he receives in 2021 from referrals of AZPCC to the HELP fund to aid the families that are financially suffering during these hard times.

Excel Care will donate all the proceeds from the initial in-office evaluation to the HELP fund, or alternatively will do it free of charge to the patient